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Peppertrail was interviewed by Vilasi Venkatachalam
of internet radio show Secret Cuisines and Sacred Rituals


Savoring Kerala

Savoring Kerala
Please come with me through this Peppertrail to my corner of the pepper country, the old kingdom of Kochi, in central Kerala. Black pepper, the most widely used spice in the world, is native to my home state of Kerala, located at the southwestern tip of India. Centuries ago black pepper attracted many foreign traders to our shores. This long history of foreign trade had consid ...

Festivals & Festive Fare

Glittering Festivals & Revered Offerings

Glittering Festivals & Revered Offerings
To be in Kerala at any time of the year is to be in the midst of a festival. Astrology, convention, and resourcefulness together have bestowed us with a wealth of festive days. There are several festivals that are celebrated at temples and there are many more that are observed at home.

The flair for pageantry and grandeur accomplishes its fullest potential in our temple festivals. Most temple festivals are held in honor of the pa ...

From the Spice Box

The Lure and Lore of Spices

Glittering Festivals & Revered Offerings
The story of Indian Spices is an ever-changing history of lands discovered or destroyed, favors sought or offered, treaties signed or broken, wars won or lost, and kingdoms built or brought down. From ancient times, the monsoon soaked rain forests of Kerala, home to several spices, became a prime destination for many explorers.

Nomadic Arabs and ancient Phoenicians were among the first who came to ...