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Temple Festival Recipes

Neyyappam: Rice and Brown-Sugar Griddle Cakes

Thirattipaal or Naalikera Poornam: Dark Coconut Fudge

Kadala: Spicy Brown Chickpeas

Modakam (Madhura Kozhukkatta): Steamed Sweet Coconut Balls

Paanakam: Sweet and Spicy Drink

Vellapayaru: Red Beans Sweetened With Brown Sugar

Paripputenga: Sweetened Puffed Chana Dal

Seasonal Festival Recipes

Puthiri Avil: Pounded Rice with Milk, Sugar, Ghee, and Raisins

Ela Ada: Rice Flour and Coconut Cakes Steamed in Plantain Leaves

Thiruvathira Koottu: Mixed Root Vegetables and Plantain with Fresh Coconut

Thiruvathira Puzukku: Mixed Vegetables with Red Beans and Coconut

Madhura Koova Varattiyathu: Arrowroot Pudding with Milk, Sugar, and Cardamom

Ettangadi: Roasted Vegetables and Red Beans with Coconut, Sesame, and Brown Sugar

Vishu Kanji: Rice Soup with Coconut Milk

Thalu Kootan: Taro Stems with Fresh Coconut in Spicy Sauce

Chuttathu: Bran Cakes with Coconut and Brown Sugar

Celebrations of Life Recipes

Ammini Kozhukkatta: Steamed Sweet Rice Balls

Paal Kanji: Rice Soup with Milk and Sugar

Thirattipittu: Steamed Rice Flour Sweetened With Brown Sugar

Ingithayir: Ginger and Green Chilies in Yogurt

Chatha Pulisseri: Ash Gourd in Buttermilk Sauce

Elunda: Sweet Sesame Balls

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