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Kaya Mezukkupuratti: Panfried Green Plantains with Curry Leaves

Kaya and Achinga Mezukkupuratti: Panfried Green Plantains and Fresh

Black-Eyed Peas with Mustard Seeds and Curry Leaves

Chena Mezukkupuratti: Telinga Potatoes Panfried with Mustard Seeds and Curry

Vellapayaru Mezukkupuratti: Red Beans Panfried with Curry Leaves and Mustard

Vellapayaru and Kaya Tholi Mezukkupuratti: Panfried Red Beans and Plantain

Muthira Upperi: Horse Gram Beans Panfried with Mustard and Curry Leaves

Paavakka Mezukkupuratti: Bitter Gourd Panfried with Spices

Masala Niracha Paavakka: Bitter Gourd Stuffed with Spicy Onion

Kadachakka Mezukkupuratti: Breadfruit Panfried with Curry Leaves

Beans Thoran: Panfried Green Beans with Fresh Coconut and Mustard Seeds

Mottakoozu Thoran: Cabbage Panfried with Green Chilies and Coconut

Urulakizzangu Thoran: Potatoes Panfried with Green Chilies and Coconut

Idichakka Thoran: Tender Jackfruit Seasoned with Green Chilies, Mustard Seeds,
and Coconut

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