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Murukku: Rice and Urad Dal Pretzel

Cheeda: Fried Spicy Rice and Urad Dal Balls

Omappodi: Deep-Fried Besan Strings

Kara Mixture: Spicy, Crunchy Mix

Pappadavada (Thatta): Deep-Fried Spicy Rice and Urad Dal Disks

Thengavada: Deep-Fried Spicy Rice and Coconut Disks

Ribbon Pokavada: Spicy Rice and Besan Ribbons

Urulakkizangu Bondas: Spicy Potato Fritters

Bajji or Pokavadas: Vegetable Fritters

Parippu Vadas: Deep-Fried Spicy Tuvar Dal Fritters

Sevaka: Panfried Spicy Rice Noodles

Puli Avil: Pounded Rice Spiced with Tamarind and Mustard Seeds

Kannanaadan: Semi-Ripe Plantains Panfried with Mustard Seeds and Curry Leaves

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