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Chavittunatakam: A Theater Tradition with Maritime Trade connections

Kathakali: The Spectacular Performing Art of Kerala – Part I

Kathakali: The spectacular Performing Art of Kerala – Part II

Kalaripayattu: The Complete Art – Part I

Kalaripayattu: The Complete Art – Part II


Black Pepper, the Spice that Launched a Thousand Ships

Coconut : a Hard Nut to Crack

Afloat a Kettuvallam on Lake Vembanad

Fragrance of Munnar Hills

Naalukettu: A Magnificient Tradition of Domestic Architecture

Subdued Elegance of Kerala Cotton

Monsoon Memories

Ramasseri Idli: Fabulous Rice Cakes from Palakkad Gap

Gentle Giants of Western Ghats

Woks, Fishing nets, and Ceramic Jars

Paradesi Synagogue: A Splendid memento of Spice Trade

A Brief History of the Jews of Kochi

A Bequest of Trade Winds: Kerala’s Islamic Legacy

St. Francis Church & Santa Cruz Basilica – Cherished Icons of Kochi’s Christian Heritage


Kerala Hindu Festivals


Thiruvonam: Kerala’s very own Festival

Thiruvathira: A Celebration of Celestial Love



History and Legends of Konganpada


Arab Influence Brings Healthy Alissa to Kerala

It’s Raining Fish? Monsoon Brings a Boon to South India

Bitter Gourd Brings a New Flavor to spring Dishes

Passover Sedar in India

Cool Summer Drinks with a Dash of Flavor

Fenugreek works its Magic on Sweet Potatoes

Gluten-Free Finger Millet a Lifelong Health Habit in India

How Favorite Indian Sweet Changed Dramatically

Do-It-All Indian Jackfruit Ripe For Global Export

Saffron’s Magic in A Thirst-Quenching Drink

Sweets to make for Diwali

Essential Curry Leaves

India Loves its Mangoes

India’s Magic Bean?

Coconut Oil’s Come Back

Indian Coco Grown for Swiss Chocolate

Indian Red Rice Revival

Pongal: India’s Comfort Food for a Cold Day

Story of an Ancient Spice Leads to Salsa

Christmas in Kerala

Homemade Christmas Wine – The Kerala Way

Along the Peppertrail – Introduction

Articles from the Peppertrail