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Puttu: Steamed Rice Flour and Fresh Coconut Logs

Noolpittu (Idiappam): Fresh Rice Noodles with Coconut Filling

Vellayappam: Rice and Coconut Milk Pancakes

Naalikera Dosa: Rice and Coconut Pancakes

Dosa: Rice and Urad Dal Pancakes

Masala Dosa: Rice and Urad Dal Pancakes Stuffed with Spicy Potatoes and

Idli: Steamed Rice and Urad Dal Cakes

Idli Uppuma: Idli Panfried with Green Chilies, Curry Leaves, and Mustard Seeds

Oothappam: Spicy Pancakes

Ada: Thick Pancakes with Rice and a Mix of Dal

Uzunnu Vada: Deep-Fried Urad Dal Fritters

Tayir Vada: Vada in Spicy Yogurt Sauce

Uppuma: Farina Spiced with Green Chilies, Ginger, and Curry Leaves

Mixed Vegetable Uppuma: Spicy Farina with Mixed Vegetables

Kozhukkatta: Steamed Rice and Fresh Coconut Balls

Grains, Greens, and Grated Coconuts - Contents