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Naalikera Chutney: Coconut Chutney

Ulli Chammanthi: Shallot Chutney

Manga Chammanthi: Fresh Mango Chutney

Adamaanga Chutney: Mango Chutney with Dried Spiced Mangoes

Thakkali Chutney: Fresh Tomato Chutney

Puliingi: Ginger and Green Chilies in a Tamarind Sauce

Mulagu Pachadi: Green Chiles in Spicy Tamarind and Brown Sugar Sauce

Kothamallipodi: Spicy Fresh Coriander Chutney Powder

Chammanthipodi: Spicy Coconut Chutney Powder

Podi: Spice Powder Served With Dosa and Idli

Veppilakatti: Spicy Lemon Leaf Chutney Powder

Naranga Curry: Lemon Pickle

Vadugappuli Naranga Curry: Bitter Lemon Pickle

Nellikkakari: Gooseberry Pickle

Vedinellikka: Dry Gooseberry Pickle

Chethumaangakari: Green Mango Pickle

Uluva Maanga Curry: Mango Pickle with Fenugreek and Cayenne Pepper

Ennamaanga: Deep-fried Mangoes with Spices in Sesame Oil

Uppumaanga: Mangoes in Brine

Kadumaanga: Tender Mango Pickle

Adamaanga: Dried, Spiced Mango Pieces

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